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Michael Gregory


Books Uncollected Unpublished

  • Looking At the Planet: Selected Environmental Papers, Talks and Testimony 1978 - 2007

  • ToxBase A list of lists for the US Mexico Border, Michael Gregory and Michael Dearing (data manager)

  • Tijuana River Watershed Toxics Data Project, Final Report (30 Oct 1996) (EN, 216MB, pdf)

  • Proyecto de Datos sobre Tóxicos para la Cuenca del Río Tijuana Reporte Final (30 Oct 1996) (SP, 224MB, pdf)

  • Bisbee and Herbicides: A Timeline (1950-2017) (233MB, pdf)

  • Comments on SPRNCA DRMP/EIS (26 Sept 18) (112K, pdf)

  • Comments regarding Gunnison Copper Project Class III Draft Underground Injection Control Permit (26 February 2018) (24K, pdf)


  • No Hurry to Prevent Nuclear Disasters (pdf 25k)

  • Battleship America (pdf 30k)

  • War-mongering (pdf 25k)

  • We-uns (pdf 27k)

  • Digging the Greenhouse (pdf 39k)

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