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Michael Gregory

Looking At the Planet: Selected Environmental Papers, Talks and Testimony 1978 - 2007


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I. The Preservation of the World 23
  • The preservation of the world 24
    Why Wilderness (1978) 30
    In Praise of Predators (1979) 31
    Who Administers Federally-owned Land? (1980) 33
    Elections, Environment and the Sagebrush Ripoff (1980) 35
    Forest Planning in Arizona (1980) 37
    Herbicides, Overgrazing and the Coronado (1983) 40
    No Road to Progress (1985) 42
    On the Draft Animal Damage Control Plan for the BLM Safford District (1989) 44
    On the Draft Animal Damage Control Plan for the Coronado National Forest (1990) 46
    Questions Concerning the Proposed Contract Between Cochise County and Animal Damage Control (1989) 48
II. A Little Bit Here a Little Bit There Poisons the World 49
  • A Little Bit Here a Little Bit There Poisons the World 50
    People...Not Poisons (1978) 53
    News from the Phenoxy Front (1978) 56
    Statement on Rangeland Policies (1979) 60
    Herbicides on Rangelands (1979) 65
    A Four-Point Primer on Pollution Prevention (980) 68
    Dioxin in the Milk (1989) 70
    Hazardous Materials in Arizona: Some Contexts for Change (1989) 72
    Hazardous Materials in the Maquila Industry (1989) 77
    Before the Joint Legislative Study Committee on Hazardous Materials (1989) 81
    An Environmental Agenda for the 1990 Arizona Legislature: An Outline (1989) 87
    How Not to Foul Our Own Nest in a Throw-Away Society: Some Suggestions for Legislative and Regulatory Reform (1990) 91
    Pollution Prevention in Occupational and Environmental Contexts (1993) 98
    The Need for a Pollution Prevention Approach: NGO Working Group Statement on Toxics (1994) 108
    Cochise County-Northeast Sonora Planning Project (1995) 114
    Proyecto de Planeación para la Región Noreste de Sonora/Condado de Cochise (1995) 120
    Introductory Remarks to the Workshop: Integrated Hazardous Materials Tracking for Land Use Planning and Pollution Prevention (1996) 125
    Hazardous Materials Orientation Training Module (1997) 127
III. On a Clear Day 150
  • On a Clear Day 151
    What's in the Smoke? A Breather's Guides to Douglas Smelter Pollution (1982) 155
    Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Clean Air (1985) 172
    n the EPA's Proposed Denial of an NSO to the PD Reduction Works, Douglas, Arizona (1986) 179
    Is the State Ready to Give up Health-based Air Quality Standards? (1991) 184
    Air Toxics, Maximum Achievable Control Technology and Residual Risk: an Opportunity for Clean Air Reform in Arizona Or, On a Clear Day You Can See Which Way the Wind Blows (1991) 187
    Groups Denounce Weak Air Quality Bill, Call on Legislature to Protect Human Health and the Environment (1992) 198
    On Proposed Arizona Air Permit Rules (4 July 1993) 207
    On Proposed Modifications to Bowie Power Plant Special Use Permit (2007) 214
IV. Drops in the Bucket 216
  • Drops in the Bucket 217
    Groundwater Contamination (1980) 220
    Of Development, Disruption and Dispossession (1984) 222
    On the Master Development Plan for the Proposed "Summit" Project near the City of Sierra Vista (1984) 225
    The San Pedro: A River Doomed to Go Dry? (1984) 228
    On Establishing a San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area (1986) 231
    On Arizona Draft Surface Water Quality Standards (October 1990) 234
    On the Proposed NPDES Permit for Ina Rd. Wastewater Treatment Plant (1991) 239
    Zero Discharge, Anti-Degradation and Source Reduction: Replacing the Failed Assimilative Capacity Model with Effective Surface Water Quality Standards for the 21st Century and Beyond (1992) 242
    Zero Discharge, Non-Degradation and Anti-Backsliding: The Essentials of Water Quality Regulation (1994) 247
    On the Nogales, Sonora Water Supply and Distribution, Treatment and Recharge Project (1996) 253
V. Rights and Wrongs 258
  • Rights and Wrongs 259
    Law West of the Pecos (1979) 265
    Toxic Substances and Deregulation (1981) 266
    Pollution and Human Rights (1983) 269
    Civil Rights and Environmental Protection (1989) 271
    "Wise-use" Movement Triumphs with Arizona "Takings" Legislation (1992) 277
    Between Kafka's Trial and Orwell's 1984 (2004) 279
VI. A Rock and a Hard Place 283
  • A Rock and a Hard Place 284
    On Aquifer Protection Permitting of Phelps-Dodge Copper Queen Branch (1987) 287
    On Permitting of the Phelps Dodge Copper Queen Branch (1990) 289
    Before the Subcommittee on Mineral Resources Development and Production, Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, United States Senate (1990) 291
    On Aquifer Protection Permitting of the Phelps-Dodge Copper Queen Branch Tailings Storage Area (1992) 297
    Environmental and Social Impacts of Mining: Notes for a Workshop (1998) 303
VII. For What It's Worth 324
  • For What It's Worth 325
    Some Semantics on Growth and Development (1979) 330
    Structuring Environmental Protection into a U.S.-Mexico Free Trade Agreement (1991) 332
    Sustainable Development vs. Economic Growth: Environmental Protection as an Investment in the Future (1991) 341
    On the Proposed U.S.-Mexico Free Trade Agreement (1991) 345
    Transparency, Local Control and Binational Cooperation: Adding Conditions of Sustainability to The Proposed North American Free Trade Agreement (1991) 349
    Free Trade and Environment: A Border Perspective 355
    Environment, Sustainable Development, Public Participation and the NAFTA: A Retrospective (1992) 364
    The Sustainability Movement: Making It Happen (1993) 427
    Recommendations Regarding NAFTA Draft Text on the Environment (1993) 431
    Recommendations for including Sustainable Development in BECC Project Certification Criteria (1995) 438
    On the Draft Guidelines for BECC Project Submission and Criteria for Project Certification (1995) 442
    On the Draft BECC Certification Criteria and Guidelines (1996) 461
    Earth, Inc.: A Failure of Vision (1997) 464
VIII. Pesticidia 468
  • Pesticidia 469
    Pesticides in Mexico (1978) 474
    Arizona Farmworkers Resolution on Pesticide Safety (1979) 476
    What's in the Milk? (1979 478
    The Medfly, the Government, and Individual Rights (1985) 480
    Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and Forest Service Policy, 1979-1985 (1986) 482
    On the APHIS Rangeland Grasshopper Cooperative Management Program Draft Environmental Impact Statement as Supplemented 1986 (1986) 501
    Before the Arizona Joint Legislative Pesticide Oversight Committee (1987) 506
    Toxic Farming (1989) 512
    Pesticide Reform in Arizona: Moving Beyond Risk Assessment and Clean-up to Exposure Prevention (1991) 515
    Recommendations for Incorporating Integrated Pest Management and Right-to-Know Provisions in the Structural Pest Control Commission Rules (1991) 523
    On the USDA-APHIS Medfly Cooperative Eradication Program Draft Environmental Impact Statement (1993) 526
    Medfly Eradication and Public Health: a Fruitless Effort? (1994 542
    Pesticide-Use Reduction: The Core Element in IPM (1993) 557
    Pesticide Regulation and Use: The Public Perspective (1994) 560
    Compromising Disease and Pollution Prevention: The Food Quality Protection Act of 1996 (1997) 567
    Bisbee Vegetation Management Committee Majority Report (2000) 571
IX. At Whose Expense? 598
  • At Whose Expense? 599
    Getting Serious about Pollution Prevention: Risk Assessment vs. Public, Occupational and Environmental Health (1990) 602
    Plugging the Leak: Emergency Response to Global Crisis (1991) 612
    On the Proposed Rule on Risk Management Programs for Chemical Accidental Release Prevention (1994) 625
    Prevention, Not Risk Assessment 629
    Some Unacceptable Risks of Risk Assessment (1995) 631
    Risk Assessment and Risk-Based Policy: A Grassroots Perspective from the Ground Zero Perspective (1997) 637
X. Waste Not 647
  • Waste Not 648
    Hazardous Waste Transport (1980) 653
    Dealing with Hazardous Wastes (1980) 654
    Recycling Solid Waste (1980) 657
    Toxic Wastes and Taxpayer Expense (1980) 659
    Comments on Hazardous Materials before the Arizona Joint Legislative Study Committee (1989) 661
    The Arizona Hazardous Waste Management Facility: Public Concerns (1990) 669
    On the Governor's Hazardous Waste Technical Advisory Committee Report (1990) 674
    On the Draft Permits for the Proposed Arizona Hazardous Waste Management Facility (1990) 678
    Costs and Credibility: A Citizens View of the Superfund Program (1992) 687
    Health Effects of Hazardous Waste: An Environmentalist Perspective (1993) 693
    On the Proposed H&K Municipal Waste Incinerator (1997) 702
    On the Plasma Arc Incinerator Proposed for Whetstone, Arizona (2005) 703
XI. Who's to Know? 705
  • Who's to Know? 706
    Uranium Testing Still Up in the Air after Phoenix Pow-Wow (1979) 713
    The Spirit of Nepa 20 Years Later: Needs and Opportunities (1989) 715
    Planning for Prevention: Once We Know, Then What? (1991) 726
    Border Right to Know Project, Selections (1994) 731
    Proyecto Fronterizo de Derecho a Saber, Selecioness (1994) 746
    Usefulness of Instituting a National Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (1994) 760
    Criteria for Selecting Chemical Species for Pollutant Release and Transfer Registers (1994) 765
    Public Access to Environmental Information in Mexico and the United States: Issues and Policy Options: Draft for Discussion (1994) 770
    Public Interest Science and the Myth of Objectivity (1995) 829
    On BECC Confidentiality Procedures and Regulation (1995) 838
    On Interim BECC Procedures and Regulations Regarding Public Notice and Comment Procedures (1995) 841
    NGO Statement on Procedures for Public Notice and Confidentiality (1995) 844
    On the BECC 20 December 1995 Revised Procedures for Disclosure and Confidentiality (1996) 846
    Environmental Information Needs on the US-Mexico Border (1996) 852
    Necesidades para la Información Ambiental en la Frontera México-Estados Unidos (1996) 857
    Public Access to Environmental Information on the US-Mexico Border (1996) 862
    Acceso Público a la Información sobre Medio Ambiente en la Frontera MéxicoEstadounidense (1996) 871
    Tijuana River Watershed Toxics Data Project Final Report, Selections (1996) 881
    Proyecto de Datos sobre Tóxicos para la Cuenca del Río Tijuana: Reporte Final, Seleciones (1996) 888
    Community Access to Environmental Information in the U.S.-Border Region (1997) 895
    Lista de Referencia de Tóxicos en la Frontera México-EU. Edición Homepage (1997) 909
    A List of Lists for the US-Mexico Border Region: New Software for Integrating Public Right to Know with Local Land-Use and Emergency Planning (1997) 912
    Right to Know in Ideal and Practical Contexts (1999) 919

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